Visit to Coolart Wetlands, Somers

On Saturday afternoon we decided to do a quick trip to Coolart wetlands to see what birds were hanging out there given the amount of rain we had. We had heard that the white ibis were just starting to nest and there were many different types of ducks. We were anticipating a good first bird outing and we were not dissappointed.

1. Australian Swamphen
2. Eastern Rosella
3. White Ibis
4. Chestnut Teal
5. Superb Blue Wren
6. Brown Thornbill
7. Blue Billed Duck
8. Little Pied Cormorant
9. Straw Necked Ibis
10. Dusky Moorhen
11. Coot
12. Pacific Black Duck
13. Welcome Swallow
14. Freckled Duck
15. Austrlian Raven
16. Austrlian Magpie

The Freckled was a great suprise, we saw the red/pink near the bill, and we thought it might have been the rare freckled. The sign on the way out confirmed there were freckled on the lagoon. Can’t wait to get back there soon and see other birds. Next outing should be Balbirooroo at Balnarring.